The Holy Trinity

What was that? Three of them? But that can't be... or can it? Oh, it looks like... Yes, Mac version! Promised and teased with so many times and now... It's finally here! All playable, all working and full of features!

There's also new boss added, which took a bit longer to get right than I'd like to admit. There's still room for improvements, but I'll just let it slide for now. Graphically it's all placeholders, and building sounds might get annoying after a while, but the concept... it's working!

Hopping up big numbers usually means that the next build will be mostly full of improvements, fixes and maybe small addons. Anyway, going to keep on polishing for now on as everything looks pretty good. Graphically there's still a lot of work to be done as well as on audio side and don't let me get started with the story or final level design or...!

I'll keep on gathering feedback. You know, that one which helps me to improve things. So, if you have anything on your heart, don't keep it all on yourself. I want to know what I can do better. If you encounter a bug, please report that to me! If something feels slightly off or there's something... something you can't quite grasp, let me know that as well! Maybe I can do something about it even if you can't say what it is exactly.

If you want to know or hear more about development, consider visiting! I'm a man of few words, so there shouldn't be too much boring wondering and pondering.

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May 04, 2017

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